A beautiful piece of handmade furniture can look simple, clean and stylish.

Good quality furniture is a sum of all its parts. From selecting the right piece of wood to the design of the finished product we do absolutely everything.

Rare Timber Furniture’s process involves the customer so that we can ensure what you get is a piece that is exactly what you pictured. Whether large or small, we take pride in our craft and we want to make sure that your new piece will take pride of place in your life and last a lifetime.

Customer Brief

We know each customer has different requirements – the type of project type, dimensions, unique design features or finishing. This is why we take the time to discuss each piece with you. We make sure that what you picture in your mind is exactly what we make for you. We also discuss functionality and can give advice based on our extensive experience of creating crafted furniture.

Plan + select wood

Next we plan out the materials needed to complete each project and select the right pieces of wood. Marri and Jarrah both have very distinctive grain patterns so we make sure we pick the wood that’s just right for your project.

Design + Build

Once the overall project plan has been determined, incorporating such desired functional elements as a soft-close drawer runners or push-to-open hinges, we then get into the specifics of the build. Our master craftsmen cut, machine, join and glue the elements of your project together accurately delivering on the original plans.

Finish + Refine

As we use the best polishes available we can bring out the unique grain structure of the selected timbers or we can stain them to suit whatever purpose the piece is destined for.

Completion + Installation

During the production process you may like to visit the factory to check on the progress of your piece. Once your piece is finished we can arrange delivery or you are welcome to pick up from our Balcatta workshop.


Meet the team behind our unique creations. With a love of all things timber, we're just as inspired as you are about your next piece of unique timber furniture!

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Each piece of furniture is custom made to our client's exact specifications. View a selection of our work in our gallery.

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Want to discuss a custom piece of furniture with us? We work on projects any size and are always happy to discuss your needs. 

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